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Who are we?

AngelMail™ is a product of Angel Business Communications Limited, and we have been in business for more than 20 years.

Email distribution experts.

We have many years of experience in distributing large numbers of Emails at once, since we carry out Email marketing for large IT companies.

During the years, we have tested virtually every online Email distribution company/service that we know of, and we have considered these experiences whilst developing our own solution; AngelMail™.

The control panel

Our user-experience team have designed the control panel so that it is as easy to navigate as possible.

What does AngelMail offer?

We offer an Email Marketing Platform with intuitive interface, along with an API that allows you to integrate your system in to ours.

When we researched the cost to maintain an Email distribution platform, we realised how much profit these companies where making. In the interest of making Email Marketing more accessible, we are able to reduce the average industry cost for our customers.

Developer API

In addition to our intuitive interface, we also offer a comprehensive developers API to allow you to integrate at your heart's content.

The API is so comprehensive that it is in theory possible to create a completely white-labeled version of AngelMail™ using your own design / interface, and our discounted pricing!