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You agree to receive communication from AngelMail relating to your account. If we need to contact you, it will be in relation to your customer account with AngelMail, and we will not promote third party products, neither will we reveal your details to any third party, unless we are ordered to by a court of law, who can then provide legitimate proof of a legal claim. That said, we will still hold off revealing anything until we are 100% sure that any claim over your data is legitimate. Law enforcement agencies would have to go through a British or European court to obtain any authority, since we will not entertain communication with any such agency directly.

The subscribers that you upload to your AngelMail account will only be accessible to you by utilising your personal login credentials. Certain AngelMail developers and support staff can gain access, but only to aid with any support issues. We will never distribute your data to anyone in part or in its entirety.

Details of the subscribers that you pass into an email campaign will be available to our SMTP email sending provider, but only for the use of sending the email on your behalf. These details are destroyed once each email has been sent.

When one your subscribers opens an email sent from you via AngelMail (and allows images to be viewed), or a subscriber clicks a link contained in an email sent from you via AngelMail, we store this statistical data for your eyes only. We will never make this aggregate data available to anyone outside of AngelMail.

We don't use any unusual, malicious or external tracking cookies. Any cookies that your web browser will encounter as a direct result of using the AngelMail Service, will be for account security purposes and to keep you logged in to your account on the domain whilst you need to be.

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