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Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Terms

AngelMail (* is owned and operated by Angel Business Communications Limited. UK Registration number: 01972952.

When using any AngelMail branded service, including but not limited to; The AngelMail "Website"; The AngelMail Application "Service"; you are agreeing to be bound by the "Terms of Service" laid out herein, including any subsequent changes or modifications to them. It is important that you remain familiar with our Terms of Service. If you do not agree with these Terms of Service, you are advised to not use the AngelMail service.

Privacy and Communications

You agree to receive communication from AngelMail relating to your account. If we need to contact you, it will be in relation to your customer account with AngelMail, and we will not promote third party products, neither will we reveal your details to any third party, unless we are ordered to by a court of law, who can then provide legitimate proof of a legal claim. That said, we will still hold off revealing anything until we are 100% sure that any claim over your data is legitimate. Law enforcement agencies would have to go through a British or European court to obtain any authority, since we will not entertain communication with any such agency directly.

The subscribers that you upload to your AngelMail account will only be accessible to you by utilising your personal login credentials. Certain AngelMail developers and support staff can gain access, but only to aid with any support issues. We will never distribute your data to anyone in part or in its entirety.

Details of the subscribers that you pass into an email campaign will be available to our SMTP email sending provider, but only for the use of sending the email on your behalf. These details are destroyed once each email has been sent.

When one of your subscribers opens an email sent from you via AngelMail (and allows images to be viewed), or a subscriber clicks a link contained in an email sent from you via AngelMail, we store this statistical data for your eyes only. We will never make this aggregate data available to anyone outside of AngelMail.

We don't use any unusual, malicious or external tracking cookies. Any cookies that your web browser will encounter as a direct result of using the AngelMail Service, will be for account security purposes and to keep you logged in to your account on the domain whilst you need to be.

Accounts, Passwords, and Security

You agree to protect the security of your AngelMail account by using a secure password that cannot be guessed easily, and ideally uses a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. You also agree to not reveal your login credentials to any third party. If we have reason to believe that you are not keeping your account secure, or if you have published your login details publicly, we will terminate your account without warning.

Appropriate Email Practices

When you upload a list of subscribers to your AngelMail account, you agree that you have permission to use their details. Users who have explicitly subscribed to your newsletter and haven't previously unsubscribed, or have placed an order with you are acceptable. If you have harvested the email addresses, or you have purchased a list (regardless of reliability) then these will result in your account being terminated without warning as you will be dealing with SPAM, and we do not tolerate SPAM in the slightest. We may consider a list of subscribers of yours, or an email campaign of yours suspicious when we receive a relatively high number of complaints, a relatively high number of bounces or a relatively low number of open rates.

Appropriate content

We monitor content closely if there has been a complaint. You are free to send content that is not illegal, does not cause offence, does not promote religious idiologies, does not promote terrorism or incite hate speech, and is suitable for your subscribers. Content will then only be considered appropriate if it doesn't breach the CAN-SPAM Act. You agree that any communication that you make to your subscribers via the AngelMail service will carry your company details and unsubscribe link. We provide a service that reminds you of this when appropriate. Any attempts to circumvent this requirement will result in the immediate suspension or complete termination of your account.

Limitation of Liability

We claim no copyright over the content that you add to the AngelMail service.

Our web hosting provider carries out backups of our AngelMail data in case of catastrophe. We also carry out backups of our own as a precaution. However, we cannot express any guarantee of being able to recover/restore any lost data. By using the AngelMail service, you agree that we have no obligation to recover any data that you have lost by deleting subscribers or campaigns.

Accessibility of Service

We will provide you with service for as long as you abide by common sense, and as long as you remain in credit with AngelMail. The AngelMail service is hosted at a reliable & secure data centre based in the European Union.

If you for any reason forget your password, there is a password reset feature available at the bottom of the login form.


We agree to provide all customers of the AngelMail service with support relating to the AngelMail service only. Unless you have written confirmation stating otherwise, the support hours are 09:00 GMT to 17:00 GMT, Monday to Friday, and this may exclude national holidays. You agree that AngelMail have no obligation to assist you with debugging the email content that you are providing.

Termination of Service

If we terminate your account, it will only be for very good reason. You may be given the opportunity to have your service reinstated if you can provide us with any information that we request relating to any investigation in to your account usage patterns and practices.

You agree that we can terminate your account with AngelMail when: You have received a high level of complaints from your subscribers; You have received an unusual number of bounces; Your open rate falls well below the industry average. You have sent or are attempting to send copyright, illegal or offensive material via the AngelMail service.


We reserve the right to withhold refunds when you have broken our Terms of Service. If a refund has been agreed in writing with AngelMail, due to bad service provided by AngelMail then this will be honoured based on the circumstances.


All subscribers uploaded to the AngelMail service are done so with primary consideration of the laws of England. However, international law relating to SPAM also has to be abided by. If you have not received explicit permission from the individuals in your list to send them emails, then you will be breaking the laws that we abide by. Any such negative use of AngelMail will result in account termination.

When you distribute an email via the AngelMail service, you will have added the unsubscribe link to your email that we provide. When a subscriber receives your email but wishes to unsubscribe from your list, they will no longer receive emails from you. Any attempt to circumvent this by deleting users and re-adding them without their permission will result in the immediate termination of your AngelMail account.

Intellectual Property

We don't claim any right to your data. Your subscribers are your responsibility and your lists are your property as far as AngelMail is concerned. We don't infringe on Intellectual Property, and you agree not to also.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about the AngelMail service or any of the AngelMail business practices, then you are invited to write to us and let us know. Bringing this to our attention will allow us to resolve any issues that you are experiencing. You are required to address your complaints in writing to our head office, of which the details are below:

AngelMail Complaints Department
Angel Business Communications Limited
6 Bow Court, Burnsall Road
Fletchworth Gate

If we receive a complaint from a third party about your emailing practices, then we may be forced to terminate your account without any other prior warning than the conditions laid out in these Terms of Service.